Land of Trials: How two foreigners were extorted in Thailand
Logan Hesse and Urica Lopez’s international blog and donation page

The Accused


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  1. Very interesting indeed … i’m travelling to Phuket in July with 7 others for 10 days!!

  2. Who on earth would want to go to Thailand after all these stories? Honestly, the Thais are nuts, they’re going to ruin their tourism industry. Corrupt as all heck!!!!!

  3. I’m finding it difficult to get a grasp on this story and that of the lady who allegedly stole a bar mat and was detained. Bizarre.

    I have never been to Thailand although I’d thought it might be nice one day to visit.

    I dont think so now.

    I feel very sorry for you guys – what a pack of bastards.

  4. I am also very sorry for what has happened to you and,unfortunately,this will not be the first,or last,time something like this has occurred.I would ask people not to judge Thailand by these highlighted problems as I am an Aussie who has lived here for 5 years and have nothing but praise for the country and its people.Bad things happen everywhere,but by and large Thailand is a very safe and great place to be.

    • Thanks Phil. I do want to say that we’re not saying that all Thai people are crooks. In fact during this ordeal a Thai woman who barely knew us stuck her neck way out for us and many of our Thai friends expressed deep regret and shame at the way we were treated. The problem lies in the system, not (for the most part) the citizens. I find myself torn by a great fondness for Thailand and the desire to wish that there be some sort of accountability for our predicament.

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