Land of Trials: How two foreigners were extorted in Thailand
Logan Hesse and Urica Lopez’s international blog and donation page

How to donate

We have already established a fundraising website at but it is only set up to recieve payments from American credit cards. 

Since many of our donors are overseas we have set up this page and a paypal account to allow people to donate from anywhere in the world.

I’m still getting used to using this and I’m not sure how to put the button itself on the page but here’s a link for now:

Copy and paste it into your browser and you should come to a page that will allow you to donate. Our paypal account will be ready to accept donations from Friday, the 22nd of May.

Our goal is 45,000 US dollars. At the moment we’ve raised about 10,000 US on giveforward so we’re almost a quarter of the way there.

On a personal note,we are in such an awkward position and it breaks my heart to ask for your help. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from this whole ordeal is that I can’t do everything on my own. The few times we’ve been brought to tears have not been for fear of our safety, frustration and disbelief at the inconsideration we were shown, or the reality of it all, but rather by our friends and family who pulled us through this. I’m terrified to think what would have happened if we were alone. And I am so grateful and feel so fortunate for everyone who has helped us. 

Logan & Urica


7 Responses to “How to donate”

  1. Hi guys! I read your awfully gripping story in The Age and am glad we only went to Bright for the weekend!

    This blog is a great idea, well executed. I’m off to PayPal as soon as I finish this comment. I wish you every success, and have a strong susipicion you’ll soon be back in the black. Like this site! Best regards, P. 🙂

  2. What was the landlord’s name?

  3. Just realised I have to wait until 22 May. Watch this space! 🙂

  4. We have jobs, but the money we had to pay was Urica’s tuiton money so she can finish her master’s degree. All we’re trying to do is recover that.

    • Sad story, if true. I’ve lived and worked as a journalist in Thailand for 25 yrs. I’ve heard every story. Most are tales told for cash.
      Can you post documentary evidence of your losses/costs?
      Do/did you have Thai Work Permits, which are necessary even for unpaid work?
      Good luck with your venture.

      • We have a stack of court documents which state the official amount we had to pay. They’re in Thai but we’re in the process of getting them translated. As for the other 270,000 baht we have receipts for 230,000 of it, the other 40,000 we paid straight to the cops under the table so no receipts there. Once we get the translations done we’ll scan them and put them up here.

        As far as work permits, yes, we both had them.

  5. I honestly would have just killed the landlord. Guns can be bought in Thailand.
    As a typical armed American this made my blood boil to read it.

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