Land of Trials: How two foreigners were extorted in Thailand
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Featured in “The Age” – Melbourne’s daily newspaper

Our story was featured on the home page of it’s website on 20 May, 2009. Here is the link:


We were also featured on the second page of the Phuket Post, an English language publication:


2 Responses to “Featured in “The Age” – Melbourne’s daily newspaper”

  1. Hi – I came from the link in the news.
    You must still be traumatised by your hideous experience.

    I am tired of friends insisting that the people are beautiful, when the corrupt military are all of the same ‘people’.

    I also do not understand why anybody sensible would go to Bali after the blanket coverage of the bombing of The Sari Club, and the Kafka-esque ‘trial’of those responsible.
    It is a bad place, and The Aussie Bar is clearly the boil on it’s arse.

    I hope your nightmares have ended.

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